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Posted: Mar 02 2015

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My husband, the photographer Todd Wall and I lived in the belly of the beast for many years.

We made our home in Philadelphia and worked as TV crew and producers for the major US networks and large corporations. 

Below is a photo of me deeply immersed in video-land.


During our 25 years in media, we witnessed an ongoing and slow deterioration in the way these large business entities treated the people who worked for them.  It seemed as though quality standards, and reward for work well done had flown out the window.

This is a photo of a “reporter” shooting his own standup using an iPhone.  At one time 3 or 4 people would have been required to do this in order to not over-tax any one individual.  This man does not look happy.  If something goes wrong here, which it probably will, out he will go, to be replaced with a “new one”. 

He’s probably just a freelancer anyway.


This disregard for the people who make things work was not only happening in our sector.  It was happening to everyone we knew in every sector.

In 2012 we closed up shop and regrouped.

I was once told by an executive at a major cable network never to use the word “learn” when trying to engage people…..

To learn more about Peoplemade, continue reading.  

The concept behind Peoplemade is to provide a platform for artisans, drowned out by so much noise, to distribute their work.  

Of course Etsy itself provides a great platform but the choices are so many and varied; finding the finer things can be overwhelming.

Peoplemade is a curated collection.  It is a destination for anyone who shares our tastes.

Everything we carry is hand made by artisans in their own shops.  They are often too occupied in the act of creation to find time to bring their work to market.  That’s our job.

Choices from Peoplemade’s first collection featured in our Etsy store, are exclusively the work of Mexican artisans.  We hope that in the future we will be able to expand our reach to other countries: Morocco, Peru and, of course, the US.

Our textiles are all hand woven using natural dyes.  They come mostly from the states of Oaxaca and Guerrero.  

The Ikat rebozos are created by our new friends Camelia and Jose.  Camelia has made the preservation of traditional Mexican weaving technique her life’s work.  

Take a peek into their shop below:

Our silver is made by Melesio Rodriguez.  Now in his 80’s, Melesio was trained in the shop of Margot de Taxco.  He is the sole heir to her original drawings and molds. He still works in his shop everyday, producing the original designs.


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