About Us

Peoplemade loves … people.

We love people who make things with their hands. Who take pride in their own traditions and are proud of their creations. We love people who think outside the box, who call their own shots, who believe that small is beautiful.

Peoplemade people come from everywhere: A traditional weaver in the mountains of Mexico. A designer using repurposed materials in Brooklyn. They march to the same beat even though they might live a world apart.

The only thread common to our products is that they will be sourced only from small shops and for that reason, will be of limited edition.

The tragic Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, which left 1138 low paid factory workers dead and over 2000 seriously injured was the worst of its kind in history. It left a lot of us thinking deeply about the larger meaning of our throw away culture.

The products you will find in our store may cost a little more but they will have staying power. They’ll continue to look good and feel good year after year regardless of what the latest style icon wore on the red carpet last night.

Visit us often. Keep up with our changing collection. Support slow fashion. Think small.


Love from all of us at Peoplemade.